Repair Concrete

The method of processing ready-made concrete developed by the Dutch biologist Hendrik Yonkers of Delft University is based on the presence of organic bacteria that can breathe air and anaerobic, and ensure the survival of these bacteria inactivated within the germs. If water or air leaks to cracks in concrete activated, , Calcite (calcium carbonate) fractures fracture, and healing of the rift.

The original formulation used porous clay (baby) to provide the food of bacteria (calcium lactate), which feeds on it after the activity of its inactivity.

“Experiments on concrete prepared with Portland cement added to this formula showed a 10% increase in pressure tolerance, and water permeability to the lowest level.”

Ciderophores can live up to about 200 years, tolerate salinity, activate and grow best when pH reaches 10 or more, and are found in nature with very alkaline lakes near volcanoes.