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Self-healing concrete was developed by the Microbiologist Prof.H.M Jonkers in Delft University Netherlands and is based on a self-processing system that can be achieved by micro-organisms which produce limestone to heal the cracks. When bacteria interact with oxygen and water, they Come out of dormant state & Starts lactating by consuming nutrients & hence producing calcium carbonate (limestone).
  • Bio-concrete is the best way to treat cracks using biological bacteria
    Is there anybody who knows which self healing approach is the best one?
  • As minor cracks lead to major cracks which result in the corrosion of reinforcement and destruction of the building. The healing of such cracks in slabs is expensive and time taking process. By using self healing concrete we can reduce them
    Why can't we prefer self healing concrete rather than conventional concrete?
  • the activated precursor intern induces the bacteria to react with that precursor and form a base of calcium carbonate called as limestone, the chemical equation is given above
    Equation of bio-concrete

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